Florian Bach

Sound Mixer

Nice meeting you!

I am excited to tell you my story but the truth is I am just a lucky guy who is able to do what he loves. I enjoy creating and working together with others to achieve the best outcome possible.

Mixing Engineer for:

  • Musicals

  • Operettas

  • Classical Concerts

  • Broadcast, TV, and Film

  • CDs

Short BIO

Very early on in my life, I discovered my interest and love for music and sound. After learning Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, and Drums I decided to switch place and try my best to become an audio engineer.

I started assisting at different kind of venues across Vienna, such as the Volksoper, Muth, and Metropol. After getting into television and film (Boom Operator, Sampler, Set and Post Mixer, and Sound designer), I found my passion in live mixing for Theater shows.

I am working hard to achieve my goals and constantly strive to become better each day. Being in this business since 2010, I’ve been able to work with a variety of very talented people on a lot of different projects.

Currently, I am operating as a freelance live sound mixer for Theatershows and TV, and audio consultant for Venues, Bars, and Conference Centers. Also focusing on learning new possibilities for mixing in 3D spatial audio for live use, I already mixed Shows and Operas with this amazing technology.